Municipal Law

Beckett Law Office represents municipalities and fire protection districts in Champaign, Coles, Douglas, Moultrie and Piatt Counties in nearly all facets of municipal law. In fact, the firm represents most of the villages and cities in Douglas County. Some of the municipalities and fire protection districts choose to have counsel at every board meeting, while others use the firm on an as needed basis. The firm also assists in the appropriations and levying process for the municipalities as desired. Beckett Law Office has been hired as special counsel to represent villages and counties in complex matters or where a conflict of interest may exist with current counsel. The firm has appeared for municipalities at both the trial court and appellate level. Andrew Bequette is the attorney with the firm who primarily handles municipal matters and he has worked on matters as diverse as ordinance and municipal enforcement, ballot referendums, resolution and ordinance drafting, wind energy regulation, and the siting of large industrial projects.