Estate Planning and Administration

Families must be ready for the unexpected, whether it is the loss of a loved one or an accident that leaves a family member unable to care for himself. Important questions such as "who will take care of the kids?", "how do I minimize estate taxes?" and "how will I make sure my spouse has control of our assets if something happens to me?" can be answered and addressed through effective estate planning.

Wills, Trusts & Directives

The Will is the most recognized means of leaving property to friends and loved ones. A well-drafted Will can transfer your probate assets, identify the guardian of your minor children and establish the rules for how your assets are to be distributed.

While a will is a time-honored means of accomplishing all of these things, some people prefer that their loved ones avoid the probate process entirely. This can be accomplished with a well-drafted Trust agreement, established during the client's lifetime, provided that it is coupled with other planning actions that your attorney can explain.

Wills and Trusts address what what will happen after you are gone, but these documents do not address health and financial emergencies those who are incapacitated. Well-drafted powers of attorney for property and health care can designate a friend or loved one to help in times of need.

The attorneys of Beckett Law Office, P.C. have decades of asset planning and administration experience, from family farmers to lottery winners. Whether you are just starting a family or needing to address the affairs of a deceased loved one, we can help.